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    Johnson Engineering Consultants offers a full range of designs for agricultural facilities such as hog, dairy, beef, swine, poultry barns and storage sheds.

    Our design staff are willing to provide the best economical and environmentally friendly solution to your agricultural needs whether they be large or small scale. Based on our extensive knowledge of the Nutrient Management Act that was implemented in September of 2003, let us put our team to work for you in order to find the best solution for your agricultural upgrade or expansion.

    Engineered plans can be provided for all types of facilities including:

    • Dairy

    • Tie Stall Barns

    • Free Stall Barns

    • Open Front Heifer Barns

    • Veal Barns

    • Commodity Sheds

    • Poultry

    • Turkey Barns

    • Layer Barns

    • Broiler Barns

    • Beef Barns

    • Swine

    We also provide engineered drawings for dry and liquid storage facilities, silos, elevators, bins, machinery sheds, and vegetable facilities.

    Johnson Engineering Consultants will provide these services in a customer-oriented atmosphere, promoting the needs and wants of our clients, while maintaining the highest standards of proper professional ethics.

    Johnson Engineering Consultants is a Professional Consulting Engineering office dedicated to serving the needs of our clients. We pride ourselves providing professional, personal services and in creating practical, efficient, and attractive solutions through coordinated design and team effort.

    Recent Projects

    Engineering work has been performed in a variety of aspects for the following (not limited to):

    • 2500 Gilt Finishing Barn

    • Barn fire damage assessment and reconstruction details

    • 150' Manure storage tank

    • Concrete manure storage tank design

    • Earthen liquid manure storage pit

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